CH. Marnetts Grant My Wish UDX, JH, RE

There are many accomplishments for which Grant will be remembered.

Grant and I won High in trial at 1998 ACC National Specialty, and High Combined at the ACC National Specialty in 2001. He was the first champion male to earn his UDX. He has produced multiple group placing and winning sons, a national specialty Best of Breed winner, 2007 stud dog of the year.

Grant will be remembered by me for so much more than simply his accomplishments. I remember the pup who was born on my sofa, the pup who watched me through the windows as I moved throughout the house. I remember my travel buddy who happily took the co-pilots seat. I remember fighting him for space on the bed at night, and how much he snored. I remember his joy when we were out in the fields training for the hunt tests, and how he never took a straight line to a mark but he always knew right where those birds fell.

I will always remember Grant as the dog of my heart. Rest in peace big guy.

Frozen semen is available to approved females.

Hips: CB-5089G




DM: Normal

Thyroid: CB-TH35/110M



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Grants Pedigree Papers