Roxy & Trixie

Marnetts Schoolhouse Rock

Marnetts Red Rover Send Trixie Over

Born 1/5/12


  The workload is tremendous in training and raising 2 pups at once.

  Training them to be confident pups on their own, accepting them as different individuals, and training them at their own pace, and not comparing the 2 to each other. Both girls have so much potential to excel. Now the goal is to find what is best for them.

  Roxy and Trixie have a strong love of birds, and retrieving. Both love to swim, and learned to do so at an early age. The next step is puppy classes and beginning agility, obedience classes. Time will tell how much these two can accomplish in their lifetimes.

PRA - A1 by parentage

DM - Clear by parentage






Member of the American Chesapeake Club

Photographs by Mark Monugian -
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