CH. Marnetts Red Hot Schoolgirl CD JH RA AX MXJ



Spicy is just like her name implies, a bit spicy in her attitude. She does everything full force and fast.

Agility is right up her alley, since it can be done fast and with some flair. Obedience is fun when training but to actually play be the rules, well, that is when her spicy side shows up.

The field work is where she shines tough. Nothing better than to be able to run full out and race back with a bumper or a bird.

Hips: CB-9153E


PRA: PRA A1 by parentage

DM: CB-DM183 normal

Cerf: CB-5883

Thyroid: CB-TH67/59



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Spicy's Papers






Member of the American Chesapeake Club

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